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THIS DEED is made by the grantor and accepted by the grantee subject to the following restrictions, which shall run with the land, and to be binding upon the grantee herein and his heirs, executors, administrators and assigns.

The restrictions are as follows:

1.            (a)          No building shall be erected on the land, other than one detached private dwelling house

of a design to be approved by the grantor such dwelling house to be suitable for the use of and to be used by a single family only and coming within the following specifications, that is to say: no house erected on the said land shall occupy a space of less than 1,200 square feet on the ground level and excluding the square footage on any basement finished or not, or part of a split level house.  If desired, the grantee may erect one private garage (either double or single) suitable for the use of the occupants of such dwellings house.  In computing such square feet, a garage attached to and forming part of the house shall be deemed a part of the house. (Reference subclause (d))


(b)          No mobile home, travel trailer or other type of residence other than of permanent construction will be situated on the said lot.

(c)           No more than one barn, suitable to the appearance of the property may be erected on the property.

(d)          Should the within described property be a lot bordering on Hillsboro or East River then no house of building shall be erected within one hundred feet of the bank of said River, except that a boat house of reasonable height may be erected on shore lots.

(e)          Installation of solar panels are permitted providing they are installed directly on the dwelling structure or permitted accessary structure. The installation of free-standing solar panels or associated structures shall be prohibited.

2.            No business in the nature of a commercial business shall be carried on the above described property other than farming.

3.            No cattle, hogs, sheep, poultry, horses or other livestock or animals other than household pets normally permitted in private homes shall be permitted or kept on the land.  No kennels and no breeding of pets for sale shall be permitted on the land.

4.            Not to subdivide the property for a period of twenty years from the date of purchase.

5.            No fence shall be erected on the land which is higher than five (5) feet provided however a fence may be erected of open mesh style of eight (8) feet in height.

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